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Meet Liana: Let's Work International's Romanian connection

Let's Work International is not only the largest, but also the fastest growing division of Let's Work. Since October 2018 Liana Suciu, our local Romanian connection, help us grow our business on the spot:

  • Liana assists our Let's Work International team in Belgium by locally recruiting the right Romanian profiles for our Belgian vacancies.
  • She creates a bigger brand awareness in Romania and focuses on putting Let's Work International on the radar with the Romanian people.
  • Liana also promotes Belgium as a hot and happening recruitment country for Romanians who want to work abroad.

Recruitment online, by phone and by video interview

Liana: "My job is to provide local Romanians with the best possible job information. I advertise our Belgian vacancies on digital job platforms, on Facebook and on job fairs. I put the Let's Work message out there and create a bigger brand awareness. My ultimate goal is to advertise the great job opportunities Let's Work has to offer to as many Romanians as possible.

Romanian recruitment for Belgian business

Liana recruits all over Romania for the Belgian clients of Let's Work Interntaional: 'I don't work from a fixed office. I go where my candidats are, I work online and I work on the phone. Romanians are used to recruitment by phone and e-mail and that way I can do my job whenever and wherever. If I do need to see a candidate in person, I set up a meeting in a coffee shop or I organise a video interview."

Belgium versus Holland, Germany and Great Britain

Romanians are interested in working abroad because of the bad social and economic conditions. Liana: "I participated in a couple of job fairs and learned that most people want to work abroad on temporary contracts. They mainly look for job opportunities in Holland, Germany or Great Britain. For most Romanians Belgium is a new option, so there is still a lot of growth potential: for Let's Work as a job partner and for Belgium as a recruitment country. Most Romanians don't really know Belgium and they definitely don't know the Belgian benefits out lifestyle."

Belgian contract with Belgian benefits

Liana: "Belgium has a great deal to offer Romanians, so I focus on communicating the outstandig working conditions in Belgium. The biggest advantage is that Romanians get the same benefits as Belgian employees. That's not the case in Holland, Germany of Great Britain! In these countries employers can make arrangements to the job contract so they have to pay foreign employees less than native employees. For example: they don't have to pay them for extra hours. In Belgium you have a fixed 38-hours week and everyone is paid equally for working extra hours."

Great living conditions

Liana: "Another great benefit is the housing facility provided by Let's Work. I've heard some appalling stories about the housing conditions in Holland, Germany and Great Britain. For example, people having to share a room with cats and dogs or people not getting a proper room and having to sleep under the stairs in the passage way. I can personally vouch that Let's Work provides their Romanian employees great housing conditions in Belgium."

Let's Work offers you a direct contract

Benefit number three: Let's Work is not a subcontracting firm. Liana: "When you sign with Let's Work Let's Work is your employer and you get a direct Belgian contract! That means you benefit from the Belgian social security conditions: e.g. 13th salary, 21 paid holidays after 1 year of work, medical insurance,...

Medical insurance and guaranteed medical aid

With a Belgian contract you also get Belgian medical services and medical aid of the highest standard. Liana: "In Romania the medical system is rather poor. You can easily get the wrong diagnosis of medical treatment. A lot of doctors and nurses even expect money from their patients in orde to give them good medical services. That would never happen tot you in Belgium!"

Looking for a job opportunity abroad?

Start your career in Belgium today!
Call Liana: 0040 751 67 14 73 or mail letsworkromania@gmail.com
Or contact Let's Work International Belgium by calling 0032 51 74 43 06 or mailing international@letswork.be

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